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Review of Beijing Aikikai

I've trained Aikido in Germany for several years and after I moved to Beijing I started classes at Beijing Aikikai 2 years ago. So far, I am very satisfied with the training and have learned so many new techniques I very likely will not have learned at any other dojo.

The trainer understands Aikido very well and teaches so much background know-how, how the techniques were developed and how they can be modified. This helps a lot to get a better overall understanding how Aikido works generally as a whole system. Furthermore, Bokken (wodden sword) and Jo (stick) are tought as well and combined with the traditional Aikido techniques. To get a better feeling and understanding applied Aikido is tought as well which is so helpful for me to get a proper feeling for real life situations.

Overall summary: fantastic training, very versatile, so much to learn! Highly recommended, come and see you for yourself!

Another fake review.

Hey everyone - if they're posting fake reviews, you can't trust them to have real Aikido skills either.

Really? A fake review? Your comment is fake. I am Fabian's teacher. Come visit us any time. You can meet him and every student who decided to post here. Seeing as how all your reivews on The Beijinger are about food but suddenly you are posting reviews of Aikido reviews of my dojo - which you have never visited - odds are you're a student at another place. A troll.

合気道 Aikido - "the Way of harmony with the force of nature"

You're making a fool of yourself. Everyone can see you're posting fake reviews. So we can only assume you are a shady person.

cute. you're still a troll hding behind his keyboard. like i wrote. come by and vist any time. You can meet Fabian..

合気道 Aikido - "the Way of harmony with the force of nature"