Red Lobster

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Review of Red Lobster

We love this place. Great food and good service. Special hats off to the manager our Cuban guy giving up superb service and gave some good tips and ideas about Beijing

Highly recommended going there, food is delicious, order the Surf & Turf, value for money

Stunning Tour! Highly recommend it!

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Review of Cultural Keys

Amazing experience with AJ and Nic in Tianjin! They've been extremely kind, hospitable and cheerful, making it an unforgettable trip. Very insightful too, I learnt a lot about Tianjin's / China's history. Great food choices! Made some new friends. Loved the tourist attractions. The trip was super well organized! I highly recommend it!

我很喜欢在北京合气会训练 Great Learning Experience at Beijing Aikikai

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Review of Beijing Aikikai

2017年初很意外的通过google搜索了解到北京合气会,到现在三年多了。期间的每一次训练我都在学习关于呼吸、运用、力量和柔韧的新知识。I found Beijing Aikikai in January 2017 unexpectedly from a google search click. Until now I have been amazed by Aikido and kept on learning something new about breath, movement, strength and resilience each time I train.

我很感谢威廉老师,觉得很幸运可以在北京遇到一位对合气道有33年多经验和热忱的老师。他非常尊重合气道的知识和传统。I am truly lucky and grateful to have William sensei as my teacher. He has 33+ years solid experiences learning and teaching Aikido, and he understands and respects the knowledge and lineage of Aikido.

从我有限的经验来看,我觉得合气道是传统而严格的武术。我需要和老师,高水平同学一对一的接触才可以学习。基础训练非常重要,虽然不会一直都好玩,但过一段时间之后可以看到自己的改进。合气道也很适合女生,因为这是一种自我防卫的柔术,通过练习可以更好的平衡身心,不会变的更暴力。北京合气会的训练也非常安全。From my limited experience, I think Aikido is a very traditional and rigorous martial art, in the sense that I need to have one-to-one contact with the teacher and advanced students to really learn. The basic drills are very important and not always fun, but after some time I can see how much progress I have made. I also believe Aikido is good for female students, because it teaches us self-defense and better control of body and spirit, not how to initiate violent attacks. I feel very safe training at Beijing Aikikai.

如果你感兴趣或有问题欢迎与我联络。If you are interested in joining the dojo, I would be happy to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to PM me via the Beijinger.

Aikido training at it's finest!

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Review of Beijing Aikikai

I've trained Aikido in Germany for several years and after I moved to Beijing I started classes at Beijing Aikikai 2 years ago. So far, I am very satisfied with the training and have learned so many new techniques I very likely will not have learned at any other dojo.

The trainer understands Aikido very well and teaches so much background know-how, how the techniques were developed and how they can be modified. This helps a lot to get a better overall understanding how Aikido works generally as a whole system. Furthermore, Bokken (wodden sword) and Jo (stick) are tought as well and combined with the traditional Aikido techniques. To get a better feeling and understanding applied Aikido is tought as well which is so helpful for me to get a proper feeling for real life situations.

Overall summary: fantastic training, very versatile, so much to learn! Highly recommended, come and see you for yourself!

What he taught is real martial art

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Review of Beijing Aikikai

I started aikido training in 2014 in another dojo. And I decide to give up whatever I learnt and follow this teacher's guidance from 2017. His way is unique compared to the others in Beijing. With great authenticity and clear lineage, He improves me physically and physchologically. As a 24-year-old teenager, such transfermation also changes my working life, which gives me the ability to outperform many competitors.


Legendary club in Beijing

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Review of Propaganda

This club exists for a long time and I went there more than a hundred times, this club is almost a legend now.

There is a student-heavy atmospheres, the students are coming mainly from neighboring universities, which are numerous in the neigborhood.
The drinks are rather cheap, nothing special, they are almost the same in the clubs of wudaokou, and when you are a girl and/or a foreigner, you don't have to pay. If not, it is 50 kuais for entrance.

On the main floor, there is a bar, and some tables and seats for talking or playing cards, there are boards on the wall figuring old communist chinese propaganda, which gives its name to the bar. There is also a TV always playing a movie and there is also a place where you can store your coat and they give you an armlace with the number of your storage. However, my advice is that you do not keep anything valuable in your coat when you give it to this place ...

When you go to the end of the main floor, there are the toilets on the left and on the right there is a stair: going upstairs is club "La Bamba", downstairs is the dancefloor, which opens at 22h00. There is an other bar there and some other seats and tables. However, it is too noisy for talking there. If you want to chat with your date, go upstairs. The music downstairs is usually pretty bad, and most of the time the dancefloor is too crowded.However, strangely enough, I had a lot of very good evening parties there, especially when they have special parties (halloween) it was a lot of fun.

In short, not a good bar, but even many times it sucked, I can't explain why I had so many epic fun parties there and many nice friends that I met there...

A Place to Belong

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At COGS, as Congregation of the Good Shepherd is affectionately known, I found a place to belong. I appreciate the worship saturated with scripture and weekly communion. I appreciate the opportunities to make friends--lunches after Sunday service, a variety of special events, and a weekly small group. I appreciate the openness to people from a variety of church backgrounds--or none at all--and commitment to listening to and including one another, even when we don't agree. As a woman, I appreciate that I've been welcomed and encouraged to use my gifts in many ways. Becoming a part of COGS has made my life in Beijing so much better!

Worse and worse every year

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I don't come here often, but the food quality and service has gotten progressively worse as the years pass.

The pancakes have never been fresh or good, but now they don't even bother trying to serve them warm. After asking for butter 8 times in 3 languages (6 times in Mandarin), it finally arrived but was too little to matter.

In order to even get the food we ordered, we had to ask the staff for updates on its progress every quarter hour. Strangely enough, when those dishes actually arrived they were cold and tasted as if the ingredients were about to expire.

Do yourself a favor, and find any other breakfast/brunch spot in the city, because it is doubtful there could be a place worse than here.

Terrible experience with tennis

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Review of Kerry Sports

I booked two hours of tennis with a coach. I was told that racquet and balls would be included. I have done this many times in many cities around the globe, and with good results.

What I got at Kerry Sports was this:

  • A tennis court with a saggy net.
  • Broken tennis racquets with packing tape as grip, missing grips, broken strings etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance personnel kept walking onto the court in the middle of a point, bringing buckets and tools.
  • My "coach" was a great tennis player, nice person, and a challenging oppononent. But she was not a coach, provided no feedback, didn't suggest practices, systematically kept hitting onto my forehand.
  • I was asked to pay for my own balls!
  • What a ridiculous experience. If you want to play tennis, don't go to Kerry Sports.