Disappointing Experience

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Review of Daruma

Came back to Beijing after holidays and my girlfriend was craving for authentic Japanese , Came accross the review for DARUMA and we decided to check it out. It was a horrific experience, I'am Scottish and seeing THE SCOTCH EGG in a Japanese restaurant and blow my tops away, The egg was tasteless and copied from my favorite AUTHENTIC BRITISH restaurant MR. CHIPS located in The Crib. I couldnt help myself laughing at the so called Scotch Egg which was not even close to the real deal. Me and my girlfriend after having few glasses of Sake were laughing and wishing the Scotch Egg to be renamed into HOKAIDO EGG lols.*pardon*. My personal advice if you want to try the REAL SCOTTISH/BRITISH SCOTCH EGG go to Mr. Chips rather than a Japanese restaurant.

Mr. Chips - The Best

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Review of Mr. Chips

It's a little difficult to find but worth the trouble!

I started with a scotch egg then the striped seabass (fried to perfection) with hand cut chips and all accompanied by the traditional mushy peas. A beer to drink and for dessert, a brilliant Eton mess!

I have had fish and chips in other resturants and hotels in Beijing and I have to say Mr. Chips is the best. A true taste of England!

This place has gone downhill fast

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Review of Cannon's

This place was very good when it first opened but has gone downhill.

I have sympathy for the owner who I heard is out of the country due to family issues. Even so, it seems nobody competent has been left in charge.

The menu has shrunk, the buns are stale and fall apart in your hand.

The staff seem to have replaced the sound of classic rock and roll with the noise of their TV shows they are watching on their mobile phones... most annoying that they are not only inattentive but annoyingly noisy.

Mostly, they sit outside on the steps smoking cigarettes... Not an advert for a restaurant you would want to eat at

Customer awareness

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Review of Pie Squared

The pizza is amazing, with its . squared style me and my family are amazed.

But the restaurants, for its own sake should promote more, I have never seen or heard this restaurant ever before walking past it by accident the other day. I can't give 5 stars because of its low awareness.

The Center for Swing Dance in Beijing

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The people behind SwingBeijing have put tons of effort and love into this swing dance studio. There are dance classes pretty much every day of the week that accommodate everyone from beginner to advanced across Lindy Hop, Solo, Blues, and more. All classes have at least one bilingual instructor. On Saturday nights there's usually a social dance with a 50RMB door fee that includes a drink; drinks are also reasonably priced.

**Note: The location is NOT a bar or a concert hall-type venue, so don't expect another Modernista. But if you're looking for the center of the swing dance community in Beijing, this is it.

Perfect Place to Climb

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Review of Rock Hour

Rock Hour has the perfect set-up: tons of bouldering options, a bunch of self-belaying climbing routes from completely inexperienced to 5.10D, and a challenging lead climb section, plus a workout space and rest area upstairs. The staff are always friendly and helpful, and the crowd is always fun and open. It's a little difficult to find the first time you look, but Rock Hour is definitely worth the trip.

A Terrible Experience with Great Wall Fresh

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Like the review below, my wife, three friends and I had major issues with the family running Great Wall Fresh. I used to professionally organize hikes around Beijing and have hiked at various places in China at least 100 times over 9 years. Never have I had a family try to extort me until Great Wall Fresh.

This was actually my sixth time to Great Wall Fresh in the last five years. A friend loved it and took me; a month later I took my wife and a friend to stay the night at their farmhouse; and friends have organized several other trips of about ten people each time since. We've brought a decent amount of business, and I'd never had an issue.

This time some friends and I wanted to go camping, and we wanted to try a different section than the three others I've camped on. I called Mr. Chen in advance and besides booking a van and lunch, he asked if we were staying at the farmhouse or camping. I thought nothing of it when I said we planned on camping.

When we arrived in Yanqing, we were picked up (although with only four seats for five people) and ate lunch, no problem. My wife asked about their old dog from our visit one year ago, and Mrs. Chen was surprised she'd remembered him; he'd passed away a few months before. When I went to pay for these services, Mrs Chen said we also needed to pay 100RMB per person for camping. I explained we had brought our own tents and sleeping bags; three friends even spent over 300RMB already to rent tents and sleeping bags from Taobao. If Mr. Chen had asked, "How many tents do you need?" or said anything about a fee, we would have realized we didn't need to bring our own gear, or we would have chosen a different section of the Wall to camp. Instead, she just said, "Whether you brought tents or not, it's 100RMB per person." I tried to reason with her that we were happy to pay for services like the cab and food and definitely for renting equipment, but we didn't need to rent equipment and we have come for years--here and to other sections of the Wall--and never heard of a family claiming a fee just for sleeping on the Wall. (To clarify, there was no language miscommunication issue: My wife and two Chinese friends and I all had the same conversation with her.)

She insisted (1) her family renovated parts of the Wall themselves and that (2) she cleans up all the trash hikers leave behind. (1) Other villagers later told us the government has been funding renovation, not the family, and (2) when I went to this section six weeks ago with a group of 10 friends, we picked up three garbage bags full of trash. Her misdirection of the argument aside, she had no reasonable answer for why people could technically rent equipment for free with their fee but people with their own equipment who stop by for lunch suddenly need to pay 100RMB/person just for being there. When I called Mr. Chen, he just repeated the same lines and added, "It's said so on our website for two years." He ignored the fact that I'd been coming long before any website change and never saw that arbitrary detail. After hanging up, we then heard Mrs. Chen talking with him on the phone saying she'd never seen us before and telling him to arrange a car to take us away.

Who gives them the right to this section of the Wall? Their website was originally created by a foreigner who wanted to help them get more business; that information was included on their website five years ago, but it's not there now. Someone kindly helped them set up a platform to make more income, which speaks to the power of travel, tourism, and the internet. It does not, however, entitle a family to monopolize a section of the Wall and extort visitors when they don't follow the arbitrary rules made up on their website. There's no problem charging for taxi services, food, staying the night, or renting equipment. But to claim you must pay just for entering a section of the Wall or camping on it just because you wrote it on a webpage? They've become greedy, and if you do anything they don't like, they become unreasonable, intractable, and aggressive.

In the end, four of us continued to reason with Mrs. Chen and eventually haggled down her demand. But for what? To pay for no actual service? Realistically, we felt compelled to pay so she wouldn't strand us in their village (10km away from town) as an act of revenge, which I would not put past her after she threatened to "send us back." When we returned, she kept repeating that no one wanted to take us because we had five people (which hadn't been an issue the day before). Around China this is usually an indirect way of trying to refuse service/hinting to look elsewhere. We'd already paid, so we just waited until she found someone.

If you want to camp, Gubeikou is fantastic. Loads of options for hiking up to and down from the Wall, lots of towers for camping, a reasonable ticket fee that goes to actual renovation of the whole village and the Wall, and the best farmhouse meals around Beijing. If you want a beautiful hike, Jiankou is even more spectacular than both of these sections and still manages to have few tourists. And if you absolutely must go to the section near Great Wall Fresh, a tip: You can drive straight past the village and take a left to arrive at a small parking lot and the trail head. No need to pay 50RMB directly to a family who doesn't take care of the Wall and ruins experiences for people who refuse to be bullied by them.

Bad food, overpriced.

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Review of 4corners

The place is not bad, but the food it is, and it's overpriced. Not very clean, but got a good vibe with plenty of hipsters, 80% of guests are foreigners, and the location is good.

Had a burger, it was expensive, very very small, took long time to arrive and fries weren't good and were way too salty.

The decoration is lame.

Waiters aren't well trained.

Give a 2 out of 5.

The Best Fish and Chips in Beijing

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Review of Mr. Chips

I am writing this review representing all the "Brits in Beijing" , This is so far the best Chip shop ever, and we are proud ot it. Mr. Chips reminds me of HOME, whenever I am homesick I pop in occasionally and everytime the food comes out as good as gold. All the rumors about the British Cuisine, take my words and pop in to Mr. Chips for a taste of ENGLAND. Cheers

Well done Mr. Chips, We are proud of you !

Ganges Indian Restaurant - Authentic, Delicious Indian Food in Beijing

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As an expat living and working in Beijing, Ganges Indian Restaurant is my first choice for authentic,freshly prepared, well priced and delicious Indian food served by the most courteous, friendly and caring staff. Special mention must be made about Service, especially Mark whose attention to detail, knowledge about Indian food and it's preparation and professional manner makes for that wonderful "at home" feeling! An extensive menu that will certainly appeal to all tastes. Absolutely love this place!