Pie Squared 方派披萨


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Detroit-style deep dish square pizza that delights the Shunyi crowd. Check out their full menu at their website below.


Shunyi Villas and Pinnacle Plaza area
1/F, Bldg 1, Cathay View Plaza, 6 Xiangjiang Lu
Chaoyang District
Daily 10am-9pm
6438 2112
Cash only


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User reviews of Pie Squared 方派披萨

Customer awareness

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Review of Pie Squared

The pizza is amazing, with its . squared style me and my family are amazed.

But the restaurants, for its own sake should promote more, I have never seen or heard this restaurant ever before walking past it by accident the other day. I can't give 5 stars because of its low awareness.

that pizza pie

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Review of Pie Squared

reading some of the reviews i thought it should be worth a try i made it out there finally

I got my food to go ordred big my times was short they took care of me well the out come was a good pizza meal and I made one of the last busses out though it was not easy with traffic

I had some left overs this morning I heated up the pizza it still tasted fresh they are doing something right. it was out of the way but worth it tobad i likely wont get to go back ,

Best Chitown Pizza ever in Beijing

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Review of Pie Squared

Me,Chinese,and my English friend(who is a huge pizza lover) by the way went all the way up to Shunyi from Wangfujing Street just for satisfying a craving for the good pizza there!*yahoo*

For starter, we ordered stromboli. (Pepperoni, ham, salami and mozzarella cheese wrapped in homemade dough, baked golden brown and topped with garlic, parmesan and oregano. Served with a side of Ranch dressing and/or Pizza sauce) I personally like the taste very much - juicy,rich flavor but also crispy, which is a good combination and stimulation to your taste bud.

We ordered the Chi-town pizza, after all, it is Chicago pizza place, right? *pleasantry* It is very different from Italian pizza in terms of presentation.The pizza here is thick and round. Again,once you have a bite, you can feel the juicy and intensely rich flavors. It is twice baked and you can choose 5 toppings together with lots of pizza sauce and parmasen. Oh,man,I just love hot and fresh pizza come straight out of oven...Don't you?*good*

My friend orfdered the motor city meat supreme...! If you are a meat lover, this could be a good choice for you. As I did not try it, so I will not make comments here but leave it for yourself to discover!

I also ordered the garden salad to balance out the nutrition...;)

The foreign manager there is also very nice to us, they let us choose our own TV program to watch... haha. Also he is very friendly to talk to.

In a nutshell, I would say that this is the best Chicago pizza that we have had in Beijing. Just hope they can open a shop in DOWNTOWN soon!!!

Hope this will help you!



Just like home

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Review of Pie Squared

Very good pizza, salad and breadsticks. Great shop, probably convenient for the Shunyi locals but not too long of a drive from Chaoyang. Just like the pizza I grew up on, although we just called it "square pizza". Hopefully next time we go back the partner from Detroit will be there so we can reminisce about our hometown. Best of luck to this place and would love to have one in the city!