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Cultural Keys is an expat-owned and operated Chinese culture school, helping both visitors and residents experience life and traditional culture in China. Classes, information, products, and services offered include anything from calligraphy and painting workshops to martial arts programs and language classes.


191 Xiaopu Beijie, Xiaopu Village, Songzhuangzhen
Tongzhou District
宋庄镇 小堡村 小堡北街191号
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Stunning Tour! Highly recommend it!

Joined: Apr 15, 2017
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Review of Cultural Keys

Amazing experience with AJ and Nic in Tianjin! They've been extremely kind, hospitable and cheerful, making it an unforgettable trip. Very insightful too, I learnt a lot about Tianjin's / China's history. Great food choices! Made some new friends. Loved the tourist attractions. The trip was super well organized! I highly recommend it!

Calligraphy fun

Joined: Jun 04, 2019
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Review of Cultural Keys

I had a really great time with Nic of CK's. Her warm personality, openness, and knowledge of Chinese history provided our small group with a delightful day experience. I loved the idea of having several different activities to do while we were in the villiage. Our time was spent learning some history, actively practicing traditional calligraphy from a local master, eating a wonderful dumpling lunch, and having the chance to visit local artisan shops (renting a bike is key and remember to bring your map as some of the shops were challenging for me to find!). I will be back again to visit and take more classes!

Will be back!

Joined: Oct 21, 2018
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Review of Cultural Keys

We did the CNY event where we had a chance to learn about Chinese tradition, culture, and history through a fun, engaging, hands-on party. We made dumplings, were taught Chinese calligraphy, created good-luck banners, and left feeling much more involved and appreciative of how to properly celebrate Chinese New Years. We will certainly be back again soon for some of the other classes offered!

Tai Chi Lessons!

Joined: May 11, 2014
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Review of Cultural Keys

I live in Beijing and I've been taking the Tai Chi lessons for 2 months already. Every Sunday at 2 o'clock pm. The whole lesson lasts 2 hours, we start with warm up activities, we go through what we learned in the previous lessons, we practice the postures and go into detailed corrections (stepping, balance, etc.), we also learn the application for real life situations -although I hope it won't be necessary-. AJ, the teacher is very patient and welcoming, friendly and relaxed. I love to go there every Sunday, for the lessons and also the group, which is also very nice!

Also, it's a nice activity for people of all ages.


Try Taichi Lessons!

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Review of Cultural Keys

I’ve been taking Taichi lessons through Cultural Keys and am very happy with them. Classes are engaging and include background information explaining applications of the moves and positions. Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and experience. Highly recommended!