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Talking Travel: Super Cheap October Flights, The Grand Canal Widens its Waters, and an Hourly Hotel Opens at Daxing Airport
Talking Travel: Your semi-regular roundup of Beijing's latest transportation-related news.
Bees? Eunuchs? Watermelons? 10 Weird and Quirky Beijing Museums You Have to Visit
Beijing has a full list of quirky museums that are dedicated to the oddly specific area ranging from vintage cars, to the notorious baijiu. Here is...
Weekend Warrior: Exploring Ancient Villages in the Suburbs of Beijing
In addition to busy streets and high-rises, Beijing is also home to a number of ancient villages. Providing refreshing respites from the hustle of...
Urban Hiking: Celebrate National Day With Historical Rambles Through Beijing’s Concrete Jungle
These three long urban hikes will get you off your Mobike and out of your Didi to take a fresh look at Beijing from ground level.
The Travel Apps You Need for Your Asian Holiday
From feeding yourself to getting around, to paying for all of the above, here are several apps you might need during your trip abroad
 Don't Want to Be Stuck in the House on Oct 1? Explore a Free Park Instead
For those of us who will be stuck in Beijing over the holiday week, whiling away an afternoon in a free park sounds like a great option
DP Daxing Airport Opens as Beijing Grapples With Rapidly Growing Air Traffic
Beijing’s enormous Daxing International Airport opened for business on Wednesday, its first flight spreading its wings for Guangzhou with...
Fun Day Trips to Make the Most of the October Holiday in Beijing
If you still don't have travel plans for the October Holiday but don't want to sit at home, check out some of these quick and easy options for...
Talking Travel: Direct Flights to Morocco, Toll-Free Travel in Beijing, and... Air Raid Sirens
Talking Travel: Your semi-regular roundup of Beijing's latest transportation-related news.
A Weekend Away at Tongzhou Grand Canal: Biking, Boating, and More
Together with the Great Wall and the Karez Well, the 1,700km-long Beijing-Hangzhou (Jinghang) Grand Canal has been described as one of the three...
R1 Exploring the Radiant Borderline Between Europe and Asia: Kiev
Already visited Thailand, Cambodia, or Indonesia? Head to the place where the West meets the East- Ukraine. Yours truly spent a week in the colorful...
Walking the City: A Guide to Exploring Beijing by Foot
Beijing is not a walkable city. In fact, it can be fairly hostile to pedestrians. But that doesn’t mean it lacks interesting places to explore by...
China's Winter Olympic Host City to Make Periodic Table's #1 Element a Top Priority
Now that the games are returning to Beijing in 2022, the host city of Zhangjiakou isn’t just making public transportation more available, it’s making...
Air China Plane Catches Fire at Beijing Capital International Airport
An Air China Airbus A330 caught fire at Beijing Capital International Airport yesterday afternoon as passengers were preparing to board.
R Make Your Next Weekend Away a Gourmet Break in Kuala Lumpur
Just a six-hour direct flight from Beijing (budget airline Air Asia X flies twice a day, although the times are a little antisocial), Kuala Lumpur is...
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