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Foreigners Can Finally Use the Beijing Health Kit to Prove Their Health Status. Here's How.
Finally, the health kit app has been updated to allow users to log in using their passport.
DP Ship Masks Back Home for Less than RMB 300
For those in Beijing who would like to help out loved ones back home, DHL has your back.
Mask Wearing and Open Sneezing Soon To Be Officially Frowned Upon by Law
The city is updating its list of "uncivilized behaviors."
Coronavirus Count: Beijing's Latest Contamination Figures, News, and Advice
Our selected updates of Beijing-centic information on the coronavirus outbreak.
China to Close Border Temporarily at Midnight on Saturday, March 28
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is temporarily suspending entry of most foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits.
Throwback Thursday: The Biggest Beijing Rock Concert That Never Was
Ten years ago this month, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page came to town to plug what was to be the biggest concert ever to take place in Beijing.
Beicology: Did the Virus Cause Blue Skies? Will Worms Eat Plastic Pies?
Claims of the environmental impact of the coronavirus should be taken with a grain of salt.
Hay Fever Season is Here But You Don't Need to Let it Ruin Your Spring
Spring is here, and what is spring without hay fever?
Social Distance Digest: Weekend Reading to Better Understand the Pandemic
We have gathered some of the weeks best writing on the coronavirus to add to your reading list for another weekend at home.
Tips on How to Stay Informed While Also Keeping Your Sanity
Waking up to the headlines about a global pandemic every day is a stressful experience.
No Time to Waist: The Ideal Home Workout to Perfect Your Summer Abs
Bro, do you even have an abdomen?
DP Can Allergies Affect Your Bodies Response to the Coronavirus?
Spring is just around the corner, and allergens are coming with them, but will they affect your body's immunity to other pathogens?
Just Breathe: 5 Simple Tips for Staying Calm in an Uncertain Time
While we may not be able to control how long the coronavirus situation lasts, we can take steps to protect our own mental wellbeing.
Beijing's Swimming Pools and Underground Gyms to Remain Closed
It's not a good time to work out.
Mingle, Jingle, and BActive:
It takes two to tango... or this case, workout.
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