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R A Long Road Ahead for Beijing's Bars and Restaurants, but "People Need to Eat"
Despite the drastic reduction in consumers, these eateries aren’t giving up so easily.
Love in the Time of Corona: Businesses Bring Valentine's Day to You This Year
We recommend you at least have a wash before settling down for a homebound Valentine's Day dinner.
2020 Beijing Spring Festival Bar and Restaurant Opening Hours, Jan 24-30
Check the opening hours of your favorite Beijing bar or restaurant after CNY 2020 and into the lockdown period.
Wokipedia: S is For...
Iintroducing aspects of Chinese gastronomy, one letter at a time.
China Post Jumps On Board the Food Delivery Train
China Post, a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise has been a reliable name in delivery long before there was SF Express.
As Diners Remain Stuck at Home Beijing's Restaurants Turn to Delivery Instead
Beijing's restaurants are eager to keep you fed at home.
Bye Bye Big Banquets: City Prohibits Group Dining to Prevent Spread of Virus
In an attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, all group dining in Beijing is prohibited until further notice.
Top Ten Fake Myths About Food That You Should Know (Part 2)
It pays to be vigilant and conscious of what you're putting in your body but it also pays to know when people are feeding you lies.
Where to Watch Superbow 54 in Beijing
Americans had better come back to Beijing after your holiday travels ready for a good old fashioned sports party
A Month-by-Month Guide to the Most Common Chinese Festival Foods
Keeping track of the traditional Chinese festival calender with this helpful guide.
Top 10 Fake Myths About Food That You Should Know (Part 1)
If you've lived in Beijing long enough, you've probably heard the rumors...
6 Breakfast Items You Must Try in Beijing
Whether you’re hiking the Great Wall or exploring the hutongs, starting your day with a good breakfast is essential when traveling in Beijing.
Beijing’s Top Five ‘Time-Honored Restaurants’ (needs pics)
This post comes courtesy of UnTour Food Tours, who have been taking guests off the beaten path to eat shoulder-to-shoulder with locals since 2010.
Get Cooking Over the Spring Festival Break with these Chinese Recipes
Why not take the opportunity to improve your Chinese cooking skills this CNY?
DP Beijing's Food and Beverage Steps Up Safety Practices as the Coronavirus Spreads
The Beijinger asks some of today’s hot spots how they plan on putting customers’ minds at ease as they continue with daily life.
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