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Precious Few Seats Remain for Chi Fan for Charity
Chi Fan for Charity 2019 is looking like it will be a resounding success with 95 percent of all 570 seats already booked – but there's still room for...
R1 Check out the Jam-Packed Lineup of Entertainment for Oct 19-20 Beijing Pizza Fest
As this weekend's (Oct 19-20, 11am-8pm) Pizza Festival draws near, so does the anticipation for the myriad entertainment, live music, games, and...
Dig Into Beijing's Best New Restaurant Openings, Jul-Oct
Dig into the best restaurant and bar openings in Beijing over the past couple of months.
Berry Beans Moves in on Sanlitun Street Side Cold-Brew Market
A tile façade, a sign guaranteeing always fresh beans, a windows with a wooden windowsill through which a red neon sign advertises espresso. This new...
Think the Shame Away: Discovering the Art of Mindful Eating
Do you want to create a better relationship with food? Ric Rodriguez, mindfulness facilitator with The Mind Body Project walks us through five...
EAT: Three Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest, Taste of Poland at Park Hyatt, Dassai Tasting Dinner at Beyond Yakitori
EAT: Your bite-sized guide to the best eats to be had in Beijing this week.
Wokipedia: H
Wokipedia is a regular magazine column in which we introduce aspects of...
Check Out the CFFC '19 Afterparty Destination: CHAO
The fabulous new CHAO Hotel in the heart of Sanlitun will be the site of the late night shenanigans that cap off Chi Fan for Charity 2019
DP Sit Back and Let These Mini-Shibas Heal Your Soul
Meet the Mini Shiba Inus of 豆柴犬院子柴犬主题咖啡馆
Five New Pizza Purveyors to Check Out Ahead of this Year's Pizza Cup
When it comes to rounding up all the venues that might be in the running for the title of Pizza Cup champion every year, we're always surprised by...
How (and Where) to Order the Perfect Cup of Coffee in Beijing
With coffee shops popping up in increasing numbers throughout Beijing, it gets easier every day to find a good spot for a cuppa. The prospects for...
A Closer Look at Some of the 57 Restaurants Taking Part in CFFC This Year
Registration for Table Hosting at Chi Fan for Charity 2019 has only been open for three days, and already 65% of the slots are filled
DP - Iams House Offers a Picturesque View of Guijie's Hutong Roofs
How many of the stores designed to attract influencers and earn likes on the internet put as much effort into creating mixed coffee concoctions as an...
DP Beijing's Top Five Best Peking Duck Restaurants
The OG of Beijing dishes, Peking duck, is the one culinary events you definitely shouldn't skip
Is Pizza Chinese?
No matter where pizza came from, it’s here to stay in Beijing
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