WDK Watch: "To All Young Graduates, Do Not Forget That Africa Needs Us''
I'm Manuel Ndundu, I come from Angola. I am here to learn and later return home to make my contribution. This is the only way I will feel proud of...
DP: Trending in Beijing: 2017-->2019, Unprofitable Milk Tea Business, and Single Use Cutlery Fines
This week marks the start of the last month in the decade! *panic mode engaged* We are looking at the memes that flooded WeChat feed, hot milk tea...
R Oh Deer! Everything You Need to Know About Nanhaizi Park
Life's a park! We take a look at Beijing's most beloved parks, dig into what...
TGIF: Make the Most of Your Weekend With These Killer Activities
Chicago! The Musical, indoor composting workshops, art festivals, exhibitions and more... Thank God it's Friday! 
A Load of Rubbish?: Beijing Announces New Trash Sorting Rules
After months of speculation and news of its impending arrival, the trash sorting system has finally reached Beijing!
DP Noise Pollution:
Novembers bids us adieu this weekend with a riotous offering of live music to help make the transition to December (and the frigid winter ahead) all...
Enjoy Cultural Fusion, Meet New Friends, and Party the Night Away at Awaguli
Awaguli makes for a fun, casual venue and is one to watch when it comes to bringing cultural events to this otherwise party-focused part of town.
Guilty of Being Hot: China's New Dating Craze Involves Courting in the Courtroom
There isn’t anything in this world more tantalizing than a cold plate of justice, which may explain why many couples are turning to the aphrodisiacal...
Booze News: Janes and Hooch Closes, Italian Wine Tasting, Maovember Wrap-Up Weekend
Thirsty? Wet your whistle with Booze News, our wrap-up of the week's best bar deals, parties, drink concoctions, industry gossip,...
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